Visiting Mountain View

Important Information about Visiting Mountain View Elementary

To make our school safer, the district has changed how parents check in and out of school. As you come into our school the following procedures will be required.

Secure Vestibule Mountain View now has a secure vestibule at the front entrance. There is a camera with a button attached to it located in the middle of the inside front door breezeway. Visitors and volunteers to the school will need to have a photo ID to show at the front doors. All visitors will be buzzed in by personnel in the main office. It is imperative all visitors have and show their ID when entering the building. We have recommended that parents keep a photo of their ID on their phone, so they always have their ID on them. All visitors will still need to to check in at the main office and receive a "Visitors Badge". We understand this is a new procedure for visitors and office personal, so please be patient as everyone is getting used to the new system. Please remember this is another way of keeping our children safe.

Daily All doors will be locked or monitored. All adults who are in the building after the late bell, must have checked into the office, and be wearing a badge. Badges are to be issued to visitors only after they have shown ID and checked into the system*.

*To check into the system, you will need your myDSD username and password.
If you have not set up myDSD, please access it through our website or .
If you have questions regarding myDSD call the district help desk at 801-402-5600.

Field tripsVolunteers attending a field trip are expected to check in the system*, show ID, and be issued a badge as if they were volunteering in the classroom.

Events/assembliesIn advance of a school-day function, the school will send “tickets” home that parents may use to enter the school. Parents may give additional tickets to grandparents or other family members who will be attending the event. Upon arrival, visitors need to show picture ID along with their tickets. Tickets will be collected at the door and adults will be issued a badge granting access to the location of the activity only. Adults who forget their tickets, want to stay beyond the time of the activity, or need to visit another area of the school, will use the daily protocol to enter.

We appreciate your patience with the new changes, as we want to keep everyone that enters this school safe.