myDSD Account Information

myDSD Guardian Account & Setup

In order to check your student out from school, access your student's schedule, pay fees, and so much more; all parents/guardians must have a myDSD account. 

How to get there:
Go to the top of this page near the upper right-hand corner click myDSD.

To create an account:
Click the Create an Account Button
Enter the email address ON AT THE SCHOOL
(If you don't know what the email address on file is, there is an option to enter your student's ID and PIN number.)

If you have any questions or need help please contact the district at: (801) 402-5600

Once an account is created you will have access to:

Academics: Payments: Tools:
Schedule Pay Fees/Lunch Apply for Lunch Assistance
Class Scores Manage Checking Account Apply for Boundary Variance
Attendance Online Payment History Surveys
Test Results Customer Financial Statement Sign Documents
Reports Lunch History Report Appointments
CCR (4 Year Plan)   Voting
ILP Conference Goals   Bus/Transportation
    Guardian Resources

Create a myDSD Account - Spanish