STEM Olympiad

Elementary - STEM Olympiad

The elementary Science Olympiad is developed by teachers in Davis School District.  It is a competition for 4th-6th graders which seeks to develop STEM based skills in our students.  The events change regularly and are broken in to 3 Science/Engineering events and 3 Math events.  We will be hosting a coordinator meeting on September 19th from 4:00-7:00pm in the Administration Building Auditorium.   Event rules will not be posted until after this meeting.  

District ELEMENTARY Math & Science Olympiad Competition is on May 19th, 2020 at Central Davis Junior High.

  • There will be two sessions that day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

  • Each session will last approximately 2 hours, 9:00-11:30 or 1:00-3:30. 

  • Your school will be assigned one session to attend. 

STEM Olympiad Events

  • There will be six events at the Olympiad (three Math and three Science). Each event has a rule/information sheet. Please be sure to familiarize your students with the rules. 

  • Teams who do not abide by the rules will be eliminated from competition. We desire for everyone to have an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Thank you in advance for following all rules and guidelines! 

Event Description Handouts
Math Science
  Logical Fact Fun    Circuit Creation 
Krypto Paper Rockets
Tangrams   Create from SCRATCH  

Meet the Directors

Math Olympiad Director 

Cynthia Palmer (

Science Olympiad Directors

Sonya Nelson (

Lucci Hoch (


  • Busing will NOT be provided by the District. You will need to make your own arrangements for transporting your students to and from Central Davis Junior High School. 


  • One teacher will need to accompany students from each grade level. 

  • Parents are not to chaperone students. 

Student Teams 

  • Each event is designed for a team of 2 students. Each grade level is eligible to send one team of 2 students in each event for their school. Note: Only one team per grade level per school is eligible to compete in each event. 

  • Students may participate in more than one event if desired, but it is not mandatory. 

  • Students who are waiting to compete, or who have finished their competition, are required to stay with their school chaperone and to be respectful spectators as the other students complete their events. 

  • Please do not bring your entire class to the Olympiad. Only students competing in the Olympiad are invited to attend. 

Competition and Awards 

  • Students will compete against students on their same grade level from other schools. 

  • Scores will be tabulated at the end of each event and winners will receive their awards.